We noticed someone QR'ed NYC platforms, trains, intersection boxes, light poles, phone booths, and ATMs that were already graffitied. Thanks to the adventurous soul(s), and if MTA/NYPD's reading this, the responsible party is Zuck.

The (Least) Funniest Intern of the Week on Audtra wears a QR'ed banana suit around WeWork all day. Interns have nearly Zuck'ed the slower Audtrian due to this incentive, but we don't Zuck people at Audtra.

While the banana suit was my idea for any repo breakage, it was our SWE intern's idea to use it as an incentive for (Least) Funniest Intern. Our BD intern wore it with such confidence that our SWE intern wanted/offered to wear it after lunch. Talk about Audtrian team spirit.

Campaign observations and feedback include: 

  • *Several people stop working to look at the walking banana*
  • *Conference room meeting disrupted by their own laughter*
  • Intern A: "[Intern B], I think those women are talking about me, they're just staring at me."
  • "That's good advertising. What's it for?"
    Intern: "You can QR scan it."
    "I will, thanks." *leaves restroom without scanning*
  • "I ate you for breakfast."
  • Intern: "My goal in life is to put my future intern in a banana suit." (And so, the legacy begins)

We're grateful to Pencil Youthworks@WeWork (a NYC Ladders for Leaders program) for connecting Audtra to our Business Development and Software Engineering Interns. We look forward to repaying Pencil as a CSR beneficiary.