2017's Largest Pivot


DreamEntries was a one-woman project conceived July 2015, as a SEO-friendly site (by a newly minted, 23-year-old) solely as an acquisition exit strategy to fund a predeceasing, "hard science" invention in R&D at ages 19-23. Dormant until the February 2016 pre-seed, the iOS/Android alpha released early 2016, receiving organizational charters in April 2016 as DreamEntries LLC and Blocker Corp. The first, social audio/transcription platform shipped June 2016 in the App/Play Store as DreamEntries, with regular iterations.

Amalgamating "audio" and "transcription," the organization introduces it’s name amendment to Audtra Benefit Corp., official B-corp status, relocation to, and renamed archive, @Audtrait. With a patent pending (no. 62/456,604) for the first, social audio/transcription and analytics platform, today's 2.0 update calculates thought percentage by mood, recurrence, characters, and location, retaining the same version history in the App/Play Store, now as Audtra. 

Thanks for continuing on this adventure with us. Now, Audtra it.