Introducing a New Economy


Instead of enriching oligopolies with your content, time, and followers for none or a margin of their revenue, female-founded Audtra Benefit Corp. has created a new economy empowering anyone to monetize content from anywhere, for 50% net profit sharing of subscribers.

Blue influencers are now gold channels, aligning with the traditional color of halos (instead of unoriginal checkmark), avatar color of the @AudtraGod founder satire, and new gold from content gold. Extending our No-Knowledge privacy convention from concept, this patent-pending tech means no ads, data selling, soliciting need, or opportunity costs of dealing with sponsors. Simply say, "Audtra me."

With v2.2, users can also keyword search public, friends’, and self-published audio on the platform. The audio search engine adds to Audtra innovations not found elsewhere (less morally bankrupt men resort to IP theft, instead of growing a brain), including:

  • the first, social audio/transcription platform;

  • thought analytics (calculating mood, recurrence, people, and location percentages);

  • equitable, user profit sharing;

  • no trolling ability from concept;

  • anonymous, one-tap exports to licensed partners;

  • and CSR with under-resourced groups from concept.

Thanks to the engineers who've worked on the platform from 2016 MVP and every iteration since, for starting and completing v2.2 in two weeks during the holidays (to meet SxSW's Interactive Innovation Awards 12/31 qualification deadline), with the subscription bug fixed today. While Audtra failed to make the finalist round because the board stopped reviewing mid-December (when v2.2 dev started), and we were competing against AirBnB, Microsoft, Samsung, Dolby, and BBDO in three categories, we remain heads-down on our mission and three-year roadmap. After all, the most successful thing that gained traction there is dead to shareholders and users (why I'm the "reincarnation of" Dorsey instead of "next anybody").

Now, turn your content into gold and Audtra it.