Welcome to the Netflix of Audio


With Audtra v2.1's influencer feature of a blue halo (instead of unoriginal checkmark), public sharing, and search listing, influencers and wannabes can share thoughts with a voice, micro-podcasts, raw music, and audio evidence globally for an authentic connection. Maintaining Audtra's standard of no trolling ability (since you could only share with accepted phone contacts using their real name, age, and city), followers can't comment or view comments unless they're accepted friends.

With increased traction, users can subscribe to individual influencers, enabling podcasters to speak authentically without soliciting, pushing unwanted ads, and the opportunity costs of dealing with sponsors. This patent-pending system will empower anyone (including the marginalized, illiterate, and ill) to monetize content from anywhere, with No-Knowledge privacy from concept.

Thank you to everyone who said no, nothing, or to look at/work for the man over the past year. Not being diluted for coattail riders was worth it, and if you search FOMO, the definition will say Audtra. 

Hear the voice behind my @AudtraGod founder satire and 1% of my journey by following B. van Dam on Audtra. Since I'm the reincarnation of Dorsey, users can now edit transcriptions until the accuracy rate can be perfected. Now, Audtra it and wait for the next iteration, which won't be a clone of anything.