Social media the way it should be.

Audtra is the first, voice-based social network + marketplace (patent-pending no. 15,892/411), rewriting the rules to help anyone make money on social.

Have something to say? That’s all it takes. Dictate notes, broadcast updates, or record 1s-5m micro-podcasts. Audtra shows thought analytics and transcribes every word so no one misses a beat.

Whether seasoned or eager, supporters subscribe to you for $0-$2K/M. With no ads, nothing comes between you and followers. Flex your brand, while listeners share deeper connections from hearing and getting lost in your voice. Ready to join the social media revolution?

Corporate Social Responsibility

Instead of enriching oligopolies for none of their revenue, female-founded Audtra created a new economy empowering anyone to monetize their voice from anywhere.


Since 2016 establishment, our B-corp has given time/proceeds to NYC’s under-resourced, Pledged 1%, and advocated for tech.



B. van Dam, 27

Responsible for BD, PM, design, copy, web, legal, finance, and ops, van Dam overcame the 2% female founder funding rate by self-funding as a F/T, unpaid employee from concept.

Excelling on a state exam for a HSE diploma at 16 (first eligible age), she could have had a bachelor’s by 20. Named on three patent filings, the 2x world blue ribbon winner (‘16) was cited in an Oxford book at 25 by a PhD luminary. She speaks four languages (two fluently).

Self-raised since 15 (gaining a 10x analytical advantage), the social entrepreneur has served as an AR-listed donor and jr. board member to NYC’s oldest children’s nonprofits from 23.


Army Size: 9 • 77% Female • 66% Diverse

(UPenn, Columbia, Cornell, USC, and UMiami, with a Fullbright Fellow among Audtra Alum Circle.)