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Audtra: "audio" + "transcription"

Audtra is the first, social voice app (patent-pending no. 15,892/411) for recording audio, helping people/brands share deeper connections than traditional social, text, or calling 10+ people with the same news. The ad-free, FB-alternative can’t see user content even under subpoena.

Bringing listeners and leaders on one platform, content creators can also earn 50% net of followers subscribing to hear their 1s-5m micro-podcasts. With speech-to-text, analytics (by mood, recurrence, people, and location), comments, claps, and no trolling ability, Audtra reinvents social journaling.


The social entrepreneurship venture gives licenses to teachers and researchers in Alzheimer's, mental illness, developmental disability, and drug studies. It’s given time/profit sharing to NYC's under-resourced and hosted Ladders for Leaders interns. The B-corp will be launching a new initiative empowering under-resourced groups in STEM. It Pledged 1% in 2016 and signed the April 2017/Cyber Monday Startups for Net Neutrality letters.


In April 2017, Audtra pivoted from a social dream journal project conceived July 2015 for the 33% of life spent asleep with no efficient recording method. Dormant until the February 2016 Pre-Seed self-funded by B. van Dam, the iOS/Android alpha released early 2016, receiving organizational charter in April 2016. The first, social audio/transcription platform shipped June 2016 in the App/Play Store, with regular iterations.



B. van Dam, 27

van Dam's responsibilities are strategy, PM, design, copy, web, legal, accounting, operating a lean startup, and CSR. The 100% equity holder (sans employee option pool) has self-funded the venture and remained a F/T, unpaid employee from concept.

A front-end dev and designer from 13, she excelled on a state exam for a HSE diploma at the first eligible age of 16 (could have been a baccalaureate holder by 20). Named on three patent applications, the 2x world blue ribbon winner (2016) was cited in an Oxford scientific research book at 25 by a PhD luminary. She speaks four languages (two fluently).

From 23-25, the social entrepreneur served as an AR-listed donor and jr. board member to NYC’s oldest children’s nonprofits. Self-raised since 15, she has a 10x analytical advantage, cross-posting founder satire as @AudtraGod.


Team Size: 9 (3.5 Engineers) • 78% Female • 100% Diverse