Amalgamating "audio" and "transcription," Audtra is the first, social audio/transcription and analytics platform (patent-pending no. 15,892/411). Calculating thought analytics by mood, recurrence, people, and location, the speech-to-text app reinvents journaling, with No-Knowledge privacy and no trolling ability from concept.

Voice record experiences with playback, transcription, analytics, comments, and claps. Audtra has created a new economy empowering anyone to monetize content and micro-podcasts from anywhere.



The social entrepreneurship venture gives free licenses to scientific researchers in Alzheimer's, mental illness, developmental disability, and drug studies. It hosts Pencil/Ladders for Leaders interns. Historically, the B-corp has given time and engaged in profit sharing with NYC's under-resourced, and will be launching a new initiative empowering under-resourced groups in STEM. It Pledged 1% in August 2016 and signed the April 2017/Cyber Monday Startups for Net Neutrality letters.


In April 2017, Audtra pivoted from a social dream journal project conceived July 2015 as a SEO-friendly site for the 33% of life spent asleep with no efficient recording method. Dormant until the February 2016 Pre-Seed self-funded by B. van Dam, the iOS/Android alpha released early 2016, receiving organizational charter in April 2016. The first, social audio/transcription platform shipped June 2016 in the App/Play Store, with regular iterations.

Executive team


B. van Dam, 26

van Dam's responsibilities are strategy, design, copy, PM, web, legal, accounting, operating a lean startup, and CSR. The 99% equity holder (1% employee option pool) has self-funded the venture and remained a full-time, unpaid employee from concept.

Designing as a front-end dev in HTML, CSS, PHP, and W3C validation since 13, she tested "better than adequate" on a state exam, earning a diploma equivalent at the first eligible age of 16, meaning she could have been a baccalaureate holder by 20. Named on multiple patent applications, the 2x world blue ribbon winner (2016) was cited in an Oxford scientific research book by a multi-disciplinary luminary. 

The social entrepreneur has served as an AR-listed donor and jr. committee member to personal causes from 23. Self-raised since 15, she has a 10x analytical advantage and cross-posts founder satire as the @AudtraGod.


Team Size: 5 (3.5 Engineers) • 40% Female • 80% Diverse

To join Team Audtrians, please send your resume and pay expectations.


Thank you to patent lawyer, Howard Eichenblatt, for re-writing 80% of the non-provisional utility draft in a week and on generous terms. Without Mr. Eichenblatt, Audtra would have lost a competitive advantage and product defensibility in another buy-clone-or-bury case study against oligopolies. Co-founder of the satirical Patent Trolls: The Card Game, he's an entrepreneur’s patent lawyer.

Honorable mentions